Ezigro and Evergreen Seedlings are based in White River as is Ezigro Fountains Clonal Nursery. Ezigro Amsterdam Nursery is based in Amsterdam and is 50 km North of Piet Retief. Ezigro Panbult services our Ermelo customers and is 30 km from Piet Retief on the Piet Retief Ermelo road. Our Ezigro Swaziland operation is based in Bhunya, 30 km from Mbabane. Karatara Nursery is servicing our Western Cape customers and is based outside George. Please view the map on the contacts page.



20 Years in the industry.

Ezigro and Evergreen Seedlings have been operating for over 20 years. About 60 million vegetable, forestry and flower seedlings are produced each year. Major vegetable products Include

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