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Through our partnership with The NCT co-operative and ICFR, Ezigro is able to offer the latest improved genetic material available to the South African forestry industry. There is ongoing clonal development in eucalyptus and wattle species bred for improved yield and pest and disease tolerance.

We also manage pine hybrid material in-house where we offer P.Patula x Pine Tecumanii and Pine Elliottii x Pine Caribaea

Our commercial forestry nurseries are situated throughout South Africa and Swaziland and hold SGASA accreditations. This accreditation confirms that our seedlings and clones meet the highest quality standards produced in line with industry best practices.

The forestry management team has experience with large-scale commercial projects, and we produce in excess of 45000 forestry seedlings each year.

In addition, as members of the HCC, the Hybrid Clonal Consortium Npo, we run trials on new clones with our inhouse geneticist. There are exciting developments taking place with both our pine and gum hybrids in order to improve the quality and variety available to the forestry industry.

Please contact our forestry team for advice on your specific needs.

Species currently available:


  • E.Grandis
  • E.Grandis (high yield, low splitting)
  • E.Nitens
  • E.Smithii
  • E.Dunnii
  • E.Macathurii
  • E.Benthamii
  • E.Doreogensis


  • p.patula
  • p.elliottii
  • p.taeda
  • p.maximinoi
  • P.radiata


Below is a list of forestry clone numbers we supply. Please contact us for a detailed site species matching of each clone.   Eucalyptus clones:

E.Grandis x E.urophllya

(412, 400,111, 15, 083, 088)

E.Grandis x E. camaldulensis

E.Grandis x E.Nitens

(108, 018b, 010, PP2107)

Pine Hybrids

  • P.elliottii x P.caribaea
  • P.patula x P.tecumanii (high and Low)
  • P.radiata cuttings (reduced fusarium circinatum risk)
  • P.maximinoi cuttings

New Wattle Clones

  • Frost tolerant clone (FW 54)
  • Rust Tolerant clones (SP 644 & AF01)