We have 5 trucks with trailers to deliver to customers throughout South Africa. Deliveries can be in various combinations fro 10 000 to 115 000 Seedlings at a time.


We have an extremely strong team at Ezigro. There are years of forestry experiance amoungst our employees and are happy to come to your farm if you require any assistance (site species matching, silviculture etc). We also have an inhouse geneticist running our clonal program and there are some exciting developments taking place with both our pine and gum hybrids.


Ezigro Seedlings stocks vermiculite. VERMICULITE is one of the world’s most unique minerals. A hydrated Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, it is lightweight, inorganic (incombustible), compressible, highly absorbent and non-reactive and is used in thousands of applications including potting soils and grow mixes.