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A member of SAMAC and a SGASA accredited nursery, our macadamia trees adhere to the strictest industry controls and international best practices. We supply trees that are free of pests and pathogens.

We can supply either micro-grafted trees on seedling rootstock or propagated rooted cuttings. We carry Beaumont’s (695). A4s, 816’s, and produce other varieties upon request.

For more information on variety specific characteristics and advice for South African growing conditions, please contact the macadamia management team.

695 (Beaumont’s)

An early bearer, 695 has proved to have high yield potential, outyielding all other cultivars to date in both Maclands and ITRSC trials at Levubu, and has produced the second highest yield to date in the Burgershall trial.

The Beaumont is a more labor-intensive cultivar as the nuts do not always drop and kernel maturity should be closely monitored to determine the correct time to harvest. It is a vigorous tree with a spreading growth habit, requiring little tree training or pruning in order to establish a balanced, open canopy.


A good bearer with high-quality crack-out nut. It is a medium-sized tree with a rounded moderate to open canopy. It is a short, late, and intense flowerer and is prone to a second flowering in summer. It produces many racemes with single nuts. Only slightly intolerant to husk spot.


Good bearer with an excellent quality crack-out nut. It is a medium to large tree which is inclined to grow tall and therefore requires pruning.

It is a light, late flowerer that bunches mostly singles and doubles. It is known for a high percentage kernel recovery with large uniform kernels. It has high levels of tolerance to husk spot.