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Ellepot Machine Arrives!

CEO Ant Baird and Operations Director Jordan Green proudly standing in front of the newly aquired Ellepot Machine

In keeping up with the latest advances in the Nursery industry, Ezigro is excited to have recently purchased a state of the art Ellepot machine. Being the only one of it’s kind in the country this has sent Ezigro Seedlings soaring even further above the rest!

The Ellepot is made of all natural eco friendly & degradable paper filled with your choice of growing media. The Ellepot System is a unique propagation system suitable for propagation of cuttings and seeds for young plants, potted plants, cut flowers, nursery stock, forest plants, and vegetables. The machine will be able to produce 7000 bio degradable Ellepot units per day in either 80mm or 120mm Ellepot grow bags.


Ellepot is an eco-friendly growing system, which helps to grow larger and healthier roots, creating high-quality plants and eliminating the need for plastic.Ellepots are root, air, and water permeable and made from all natural and environmental friendly paper which degrades naturally and will not harm the environment. This ensures natural and fast root development resulting in the highest quality plants. Finally, the Ellepot system helps reducing logistics and labor costs through easier and faster transplanting, eliminates transplant shock, and increases plant quality, health and structure.


  • Faster and healthier root development
  • Higher yield per plant
  • Faster transplanting and handling
  • All natural paper and fully sustainable solution

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